February 21, 2010

Jumping For Joy

A year ago I saw this picture of Jennifer Hudson in a Micheal Kors jumpsuit, and I immediately became obsessed with finding an identical replica in my size. For months I searched and searched only finding them for my straight sized friends. One day the Fashion Gods smiled on me and I ran upon a jumpsuit from Evans of London. Amazing crepe draping, sweetheart neckline... and screaming for the perfect belt!!! I was so excited!!!

I ordered the jumpsuit, but when it came in I was terrified of it! I  had to have it tailored, and even Maria referred to it as interesting. I am normally not intimidated by trying new things with my clothes, but for some reason this time I was! But not for long! I wore it to my best friends birthday party and I got rave reviews!

Jumpsuit- Evans of London, Belt New York and Company


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