A Guide To A Stylish Plus Size Life

November 29, 2011

The Cat's Meow...

Before I started blogging… okay scratch that, before I got introduced the wonderful world of fashion blogs I thought that I was the only person who wanted more out of the fashion industry than what was offered to me. I always wanted to look good, no matter what! I have never taken no for an answer as far as my style has been concerned, and I never will.

Often the world of fashion is daunting, it’s hard to figure out what to order, where to order from, and even how to order. Even in this day and age I am always surprised to hear someone say I have no idea how to shop online. But alas, there are more and more resources to help you in your journey!

A few weeks ago the incredibly lovely Marie Dene released a new eBook, Keeping It Curvy, Confident, and Chic. Her eBook answers age old questions that many plus size fashionistas have. Where do I find the clothes I want?  How can I be sure about how to order online? What brands should I trust?  Marie digs into topics such as jean fit, underwear, and most importantly confidence!!!

I loved Marie’s book, and I think it’s a cool resource to keep in handy. You can go to Marie’s blog http://thecurvyfashionista.mariedenee.com/ to purchase her book for just $6.99.

Thank you guys for reading… Love you all!!!

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