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Ahhh were at the precarious time of year when Alabama can’t decide whether it’s going to be hot or cold. Spring is in the air, and winter just can’t let go. It is January/February after all so winter should still be in full effect. On a very warm day in the city I took this early spring look from Catherines for a spin.

This coordinate look is perfect transitional look for about any occasion. It’s great for work, for a lunch, to grab drinks with friends, travel, and just about anything else you need a look for. Coordinates are a favorite cause you can break up the jacket and pants and create multiple looks. I love the ease of styling and how comfortable the look was.

I’ll be honest as much as I want winter to stick around, so I can wear more leather, I’m excited for the ease of spring dressing. What about you? Anyone ready for spring? Or are you enjoying winter?

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This post was sponsored by Catherines.  

I have always loved a boho look! It’s vibe that’s so near and dear to my aesthetic. In Junior High I was obsessed with the 60’s and very into the flower child, boho, hippie look. I wore flower tunics, and bell sleeves and lots of fringe. So when I spotted this paisley wrap on Catherines site I knew it was meant for me. The vibrant colors, fringe and beautiful detail brought me in. A third piece like this also makes it very easy to get dressed. Throwing this cape on top of a t-shirt and jeans elevates your look. This trick also works over a plain dress, a white shirt and black pants. I loved that this brought me back to my fashion roots. I felt totally myself twirling around in this look.

What are your fashion roots? Do you have a time period in fashion that you really identify with?

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This post is in partnership with Catherines Plus Size. Thank you for partnering with me! 

Is there an area of getting dressed that you struggle with? For years mine was casual. I would spend all of my time and money on my party clothes and little less on my work clothes. When it came to casual, I threw on anything and everything. Looking back at pictures today and I looked awful 98% of the time. One of my biggest influences in my casual clothes game was my Best Friend Rikki. She taught me the importance of looking put together in my downtime. At this point in my life I really appreciate elevated, comfortable looks. This look from Catherines is just that, an elevated comfortable look that I can wear anywhere.

To keep things simple I love a coordinate set that works well with multiple pieces. This mixed fabric tunic paired perfectly with my favorite leggings from Catherines. Adding either boots or tennis shoes makes this look work for many a different occasion. I chose booties since it was fairly chilly out. 

What fashion department do you struggle in? Is it work? Is it casual wear? Is it formal occasions? Let’s talk about it!

Thank you to Catherines for partnering with me on this post!

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Outfit: Poncho | Tank | Pant

Today is my third and final post in my partnership with Catherines!

Listen if anyone knows me, then they know I love a poncho. For years I wore oversized poncho items from straight size stores that other women avoided like the plague. It would be putting it lightly to say I was obsessed with them. To this day I still love throwing a poncho over a legging, skinny pant or jean to pull an entire look together. It makes me feel chic without trying. I know some people avoid them because they can be to over-sized but not me and not this poncho from Catherines latest fall selections.

This poncho from Catherines is so easy to wear!  I put it on top of a tank top so I would get to hot and paired it with my favorite leggings. I was instantly ready to walk out of the door. If I had to restyle this I would put it over a white blouse to elevate the look even more!

So how do you feel about ponchos? Do you love them or are you indifferent?

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