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Even though plus-size shopping has come a long way, I’m forever looking for somewhere new to shop. Honestly who doesn’t want more options, more looks, and more selections. Now typically I ignore when Instagram suggest a new boutique to me, thinking they don’t know me at all. I couldn’t however skip over Chic Soul when they kept popping up, time after time in my feed. I really liked the easy-going style that would work well in my everyday wardrobe, especially for work.
Being skeptical of online boutiques, my biggest question is it going to fit? Or is this going to fit more like juniors plus instead of regular plus? When I order I hold my breath and pray that it fits. Well I’m happy to report that everything fit according to size. I’m a size 18/20 or a 22 and the 3x was a bit roomy for me. I could have ordered everything in a 2x. One side note, I really like Chic Soul’s selection and that they restock items if it sells out. I’m much happier as a shopper if I’m not agonizing over an item I didn’t buy in time.
Of the items I got this leopard kimono and the blush colored dress were my favorite. I’ve been able to style it 3 ways over and I love having the option of wearing them together or separate. Versatility is key to my wardrobe, so is comfort.
When’s the last time you found a new place to shop? Sharing is caring! 

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LOOK: Dress | Shoes - Similar here  and here | Earrings | Sunnies 

And just like that I'm 40. This week I've spent a lot of time fretting over that fact. My emotions have run the gamut of sadness, terror, anger and excitement. Technically turning 40 means nothing, except I've had one more dance around the sun.  I'm extremely grateful for that, but I would be lying to everyone if I didn't admit that I have had some sadness surrounding this birthday.

Perhaps it's misconceived notion that I would have it all figured out by 40, that I would be married, that I would have kids and that I would own a home. I don't have any of these things, and that's okay. The truth is I'm 40, I'm single, I don't have kids and I currently live with my Parents until I figure out where I want to live (Thanks Mom and Dad!). The truth is I don't have one single thing figured out and I'm stuck in what my therapist and I are calling the in-between. We have also decided that there is so much beauty in the in-between. There is beauty in owning your struggle and figuring out where. you want to go from there. There is also beauty in celebrating what who you did become when you let go of the ridiculous notion of who you thought you were.

So that's what I will do! I will celebrate my life as it is, continue to work on what I want it to be and keep recreating my dreams in the in-between. I will celebrate being an excellent Aunt instead of a Mom. I will keep dating in hopes that love will blossom. I will enjoy my days with my Parents because they are honestly the gift that keeps on giving. I will celebrate this online community that was never apart of the plan, but instead became a dream come true. I will give myself permission to feel absolutely everything that I want to feel, without drowning in the sadness of perceived failure. My friend Carlatte reminded me that I am racing myself and that there are no rules. I honestly needed to hear that gentle reminder.

I will be 40 and it will be fabulous. So whoever you are, wherever you are, how ever old you are remember you are wonderful and amazing so is your life just the way it is. Don't forget how amazing you are while you mourn the loss of the idea of who you were going to be.

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Outfit: Top | Pants | Shoes - Similar | Bag - Similar

This outfit jumped out to me immediately when I opened Eloquii's website. I was immediately drawn to the soft leopard print and floral print. I mean florals and leopards mixed together are my jam. I knew I wanted it, then I started to psych myself out with my fashion math. Will I wear it, does it make sense, can it fit into my wardrobe. Honestly all of these are great questions to ask when shopping,  but sometimes you need to let the joy of an outfit move you to purchase. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying things because they bring you pure joy and will continue to bring you joy over and over again.

As far as fit goes I'm wearing a 20 in both pieces and probably would like the bottoms in a size 22. It has absolutely no stretch, so if you have a larger arms or thighs, you might want to keep that in mind when ordering. I am not at all disappointed by the look, definitely my favorite purchase of the summer!

What have y'all been buying? What's sparking joy in your wardrobe?

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Outfit: Shirt | Jeans 

Thank you for  sponsoring this post Catherines

A t-shirt and jeans is summer staple for me. I honestly can’t think of a better look that can go casual or be dressed up. I’ve partnered with Catherines again to show you one of my favorite looks from the brand summer casual offerings. 

First and foremost if you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know I love stripes. So of course my eyes went straight for the t-shirt that was striped with a little bow sleeve detailing. Currently I’m very into straight/skinny leg ankle jeans with a higher rise. They are my go to for everything and every occasion and these fit the bill. Fit wise I’m wearing a size 22, they ran smaller in my hip/midsection area.  I could easily add a jacket or third piece to dress this look up. 

What are your summer staples? Do you like items that work both casual and dressy? 

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