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Winter is upon us and I am so happy that it's actually cold in Birmingham. I thoroughly enjoy getting dressed for what I call sweater weather!  This week, I'm partnering with Walmart to share a few of my current favorite cozy items perfect for this season! 

I will never get tired of animal print sweaters, no matter how many I own. They always add a certain something to the look. This red animal print tunic sweater from Walmart's Scoop collection is perfect for not only this holiday season, but winter in general. This sweater feels so lux and vibrant for these upcoming cold days. For a little fun I paired this with black leggings and my over the knee boots.  

Have you shopped around Walmart lately? They have so many great deals going on, especially if you need a last minute gift for someone! 


Fall is here finally. Feels like it's taken forever for it to make it's way to Alabama, but since it's my favorite season to get dressed for I am beyond excited for the cooler weather. Today I am partnering with Walmart Fashion to show you a few of my favorite looks for fall. 

Walmart Fashion has a great selection of affordable clothes for every occasion.  I picked up a few cozy items to wear around the house, including this sweater, as well as a few items to wear during the upcoming holiday season. To showcase the range of style I put together two looks that I loved from Walmart Fashions latest collections. 

I know we aren't getting dressed up a lot right now, but I loved this sweater dress that is exclusively in plus size. It comes in a range of colors and it fit me to perfection. I'm wearing a 2x in the dress . I also paired it with these wide calf over the knee boots. Pulling together the perfect look for dinner, or a small holiday gathering. The dress also works with flats for any outside gatherings as well. 

For a more casual look. I paired this cozy sweater with the most comfortable pair of jeans and hiking boots. Normally I don't go for hiking boots, but I picked these up in my local store and I am thinking about buying them in a few more colors. Did I mention that they are cozy, and comfortable.  Comfort is absolutely still key in my life. 

Have you checked out Walmart Fashion? What fabulous finds did you get? 

Outfit: Bra | Panties | Pants 

When Lane Bryant reached out for me to try Cacique's new "So Light" bra,  I literally wondered yeah right how light can it possibly be? In my mind there was no way a bra could be light and still provide the proper support that I need, well I was wrong! I went with my typical balconette style that has been updated with as they put it on the Lane Bryant website "light-as-a-feather feel that still delivers the same great lift, support, and shape you love." 

For as long as I remember the balconette has been my go to bra style because it works with everything, form V-necks to turtlenecks, so imagine my surprise to find out this update was living up to its so light name! I honestly don't feel like I have a thing on when I wear this. My boobs still sit up and are well supported while encased in this supportive, smoothing light bra. I have since ordered two more after receiving this one. 

The So Light Bra is available in a few fits, if the balconette doesn't work for you. Sizes for the balconette range from a 36-50 band with and a C to H cup size. 

So has anyone tried to So Light bras yet? How do you feel about a Balconette

Thank you to Lane Bryant for sponsoring this post! And thank you for reading! 



I have preached versatility for as long as I remember on this blog. Currently that seems super important during this moment in fashion. Everyone is looking for ways to build great closets filled with items that can be worn for different purposes, in different ways. Let me introduce you to my new closet hero, the Lena Dress from Lane Bryant

I own several variations of the Lena, from a jumpsuit to a romper to this dress. The fit is perfect with a tailored bodice and a flare bottom. Honestly I was shocked at how well this dress fit in my bust area. Even though I have the jumpsuit, I still wasn't expecting such an exact fit. Now I know why they can't keep them in stock. 

The Lena is the perfect transitional dress that will carry you though absolutely every occasion. Although I'm working from home as I venture back out, slowly but surely this dress will be my go too as I'm getting dressed. 

I hope everyone is doing well. Do you have anything from the Lena collection? 

Thank you for reading! 


Thank you to Lane Bryant for sponsoring this post! 
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