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I 've been addicted to sequins for as long as I could remember. They are perfect for absolutely any occasion. Every holiday season I have to stop myself from taking the sequin addiction too far. Conversations in my mind sound like self... do you really need another sequin jacket?! Of course I do! Now I just like to think of this section of my closet as my sequin collection. That makes me a collector right? See how I justify that.

Back in August I was the TCF Style Expo and I picked up this Courtney Noelle duster! I love buying pieces from independent designers. They are always on the cutting edge of styles, fabrics and designs. If you haven't heard of Courtney Noelle please head over and check out her designs, this isn't a sponsored post, I just love her stuff!

Since this duster was the show piece I paired with simple black tank, jeans and pumps. I was also excited to try my new favorite lippie from Nars called Paint It Black. Sooo I sprained my ankle and my holiday looks are all changing cause no heals for me any time soon (smh).

Anyone else addicted to sequins? fur? Leather? What can't you get enough of?

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This post is sponsored by Just My Size. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know that versatility is my personal key to building a strong wardrobe. Honestly, if I can’t wear an item at least three different ways on three different occasions why on earth should I buy it? Unless of course, I consider the piece to be art. When Just My Size challenged me to style their Goddess Dress in two different ways, I jumped at the chance to flex my styling muscles! 

Just a little about the dress, I’m wearing a 3X and I loved the softness and breathability of the jersey fabric. Since winter is just rolling around I’ve been expanding my wardrobe with things that are seasonless. The Goddess dress is essentially ideal for so many occasions from work, church or a night on the town. And did I mention that they are super affordable, priced under $30.00? 

Since I go out less and less these days, my main wardrobe consists of what I wear to work, so I love pieces that I can style for both uses. Having items that go from day to night are often a lifesaver when I’m running through my busy schedule. Don’t you agree? For my daytime look, I paired my favorite camel vest with a pair of nude pumps and bag. Normally I would have leaned towards black accessories but for the daytime but I wanted to dabble with neutrals.

Heading out after work?  To turn it up a notch, I added black pumps, a dangly earring, a clutch and a darker lippie. Moving it even further from my work look, I slid my dress off the shoulder, creating the perfect after-5-PM look.

During this busy Holiday season, it’s essential for me to survive by wearing looks that translate from occasion to occasion. Just My Size’s collection of dresses is honestly perfect for doing so. 

Thank you for partnering with me Just My Size. 

What are you looking for in a dress this season? Have you checked out Just My Size’s collection of dresses? I also love this ruffle sleeve dress!

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Jacket c/o - Addition Elle | Top | Jeans | Shoes | Sunnies | Bag

For as long as I can remember I've been in loved with military and band embellishments on clothing. You can even ask my Mom how long I begged for majorette boots to wear with my school dresses, or how I didn't understand that they weren't practical. I have a fairly large collection of jackets with these embellishments on them, but up until now I didn't I hadn't added a denim one to my collection. It only felt right for me to pick this one out from Additional Elle. Literally I am obsessed with this jacket.

I keep playing a million and one ways to wear it and finally decided that I should preserve it instead of wearing it out (sigh).  The detailing, the gold buttons, the shape and the fit make this the most amazing jacket ever. Perfect for adding some pizazz to a maxi dress or a pair of jeans. Pairing it was jeans and this romantic white blouse was such an easy look. It was a good balance of trend and classic. Any further and I may or may not have looked like Captain Hook.

Fall has so many amazing band/military embellished pieces out. Have you found one that you like? If so what are they? I may or may not want to buy them too, LOL!

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This is sponsored content written by me in partnership with Depend®. All opinions are my own. 

Pssst, I have a secret. Come closer and I will tell you. For the past 7 years I've suffered from urinary incontinence. I know it's not sexy or fashionable, but it's a real problem that used to hold me back from doing a few things in life. Not anymore!

I've always had a weak bladder, but it got worse in my twenties after I was diagnosed with diabetes. Suffering from extreme embarrassment I never talked about it with anyone, not even my doctor. I noticed the not so amazing discovery after I took a yoga class and realized that wasn't normal sweat I was experiencing or when I went to the movies and sat for too long I noticed that I again had some leaking. Definitely not normal, still I didn't say a word to anyone.

A few summers ago I went to a blogging event and I was introduced to Depend® products. To say my mind was blown was to say the least. Now stop what your thinking, this isn't your Grandma's Depend® it isn't the bulky product that you imagine in your mind. I was introduced to the Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit Underwear for Women. Can you say game-changer! Listening to other Women my age and younger share their journeys with incontinence also changed my way of thinking.

The Depend® Silhouette® is my go to product when I'm having issues with my bladder. When I travel, work out or doing some long term activities that stimulate my bladder issues, I wear the Silhouette®. Concealed under your clothing, no one will every be able to tell your wearing a Depend®, unless of course you tell them. They are breathable, comfortable and they come in several neutral colors. They aren't heavy duty and no it doesn't feel like your wearing a diaper. I've worn these on long plane rides and to a gala without feeling uncomfortable.

No longer feeling embarrassed and alone I brought up the subject with my doctor and a few of my close friends. Everyone reassured me that it was totally normal. That I wasn't alone and that so many women suffer from incontinence, especially after giving birth.  Since being introduced to Depend® products I feel free to do lots of things again. Including rock a pair of white jeans. If you're out there and your are suffering from this don't go it alone. Reach out to me, I'm happy to help you in anyway. Also check out the Depend® website to find out what product works for you. Here is a coupon to get you started.

Have you used any of Depend® products before?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Depend®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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