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Outfit: Poncho | Tank | Pant

Today is my third and final post in my partnership with Catherines!

Listen if anyone knows me, then they know I love a poncho. For years I wore oversized poncho items from straight size stores that other women avoided like the plague. It would be putting it lightly to say I was obsessed with them. To this day I still love throwing a poncho over a legging, skinny pant or jean to pull an entire look together. It makes me feel chic without trying. I know some people avoid them because they can be to over-sized but not me and not this poncho from Catherines latest fall selections.

This poncho from Catherines is so easy to wear!  I put it on top of a tank top so I would get to hot and paired it with my favorite leggings. I was instantly ready to walk out of the door. If I had to restyle this I would put it over a white blouse to elevate the look even more!

So how do you feel about ponchos? Do you love them or are you indifferent?

Thank you for reading!


Outfit: Sweater | Turtleneck | Leggings 

Hi Y’all! Welcome to Day 2 of my partnership with Catherines

Honestly is anyone’s work wardrobe complete without a great pair of black pants? I would say absolutely not! The easiest option to get dressed in for me on a daily is wearing a black pair of pants, a top and a great third piece. It is literally my go to look on days when I have no idea what to wear, but I need to look polished. Often I refer to my black pants as my wardrobe hero, cause they always save the day! 

A slightly sparkly leopard sweater makes this black look pop. It’s also the perfect piece as we are heading into the Holiday season for a dash of sparkle and shine. My heart was super excited that these pants have the look of a skinny leg pant, but the comfort of a legging. They also have the pull on look of a legging but the structure of a pant. I do so much moving around during my work day, that I hate uncomfortable pants and waistbands. 

I know I asked y’all if you had a go too look when you don’t feel like getting dressed? But what about do you have a key work wardrobe piece? Is it black pants? A certain blazer? Is it a skirt? I would love to know! 

Thank you for reading! 


Hi Everyone!!! This post is the first in a series of three post this week sponsored by Catherines! We are exploring a few of our favorite fall items that are perfect for work at Catherines!

Some days I absolutely don’t feel like getting dressed and I want to stay in my pajamas for as long as possible. On those days I rummage through my closet until I find the most comfortable item that I can find for work. And let’s be honest finding extra comfortable work appropriate looks aren’t the easiest thing to do. This dress from Catherines absolutely fits the bill. It’s comfortable, cozy and I felt like I had slipped on my favorite pair of pj's. Adding my favorite headwrap, a pair of booties and a gold earring, completed my comfortable look.

The bright fall color encouraged me to figure out a few ways to style this dress, so I could wear it frequently. I can imagine endless ways to style it.  A heavy cardigan or a belt would be fabulous styling options.

What do you wear when you don’t feel like getting dressed? Do you have a go to look or style?
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Outfit Details: Jacket | Top | Jeans | Necklace 

Thank you to Catherines for sponsoring this post.

This fall I’m taking a new approach to fashion. Buying less, re-wearing more, and trying new silhouettes. I realize that even though I’m not afraid to try new shapes, I haven’t done so in a while. The only exception to this rule is that over the past few years I’ve fallen more and more into trying new denim shapes. As much as I love my skinny jeans, I also love straight leg, and Mom jeans. So when I had a chance to partner with Catherines to discuss fall style, I instantly decided to explore their denim shapes.

My eye gravitated to the black jean and oversized denim jacket. One of my main reasons to love black jeans is because I can wear them like pants with a great top and still have the undeniable comfort of jeans.  It also makes it completely easier for me to wear jeans to work, which is nice. I’ve also been on the hunt for an oversized jean jacket that didn’t have any embellishments or distressing, this barnjacket was exactly what I had been searching for fall.

Catherines has so many great pieces for fall! I’ve already got my eye on a few of their dresses, as I patiently wait for sweater season. What are you shopping for this season? Send me a message, let’s discuss!

Thank you for reading!


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