A Guide To A Stylish Plus Size Life

November 14, 2012


As we get closer to the holiday season I long to pull out the special items that I love so much during this time of year. My velvet blazer, sequins pants, and lace dress! I can't not get enough lace!!!  I was perusing the internet looking for a little shopping trouble to get into when I found this super fabulous lace shirt at Lane Bryant.   I immediately conjured 7 different holiday fun outfits in my mind. I love the tailoring of this blouse, and the fact that it can be worn with a cami or without a cami is perfect for my day to night life. 

Lane Bryant has recently launched a new collection that is like the Icon Collection that had a few years ago. The collection aims to be more fashion forward, and it has a higher quality than their other items. Check this shimmery leather blazer out...  This year I have found more pieces at LB than in years past. I picked up a fabulous banded skirt, a few shirts that feel like a plus size version of an Equipment shirt, and my can't live without denim shirt. I plan on picking this shirt up in the next few weeks!  I will put a few looks together for you lovelies!!!

*I was not paid for this post. I am simply sharing my thoughts and opinions with you guys!


  1. I just got through checking out this collection. The jewelry is something that really had me stoked! Which is unusual because I have never been wowed by any of their jewelry!


  2. Julia the jewelry is great! I was shocked that I liked it too, it's not my normal go to spot for jewelry either.


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