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January 03, 2014

Art Basel Recap & Happy 2014!!!!

Basel Babes Day 1 (Christina, Chenioa, Rikki and I)
Top, Pants, Necklace-Forever 21, Booties-Zara
Top-Old Navy, Pant-Calvin Klein from Hautelook, Clutch-Tory Burch
Ross and I
Didn't catch the artist name, just loved it...
Keith Haring
Artist in Wynwood
Art in Wynwood
Wynwood Street Art
Basel Babes on our last day...

Hi everyone!!!  Happy New Year!!! Sorry for the lack of post, between my travels, the holidays and being super sick the month flew by in a blur! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season! In early December, I went to Art Basel in Miami Beach with some of my girlfriends! It has been on my bucket list to go to Basel for a while and it lived up to my every expectation. A few of my highlights were:  seeing more Picasso’s than my little heart could stand, my hotel having a Tracey Emin exhibit, dinner at Prime Italian, having a conversation about Alabama with THE Lionel Richie, seeing Steven Tyler, and witnessing the beauty of a Jean Michel Basquiat.

I would recommend Basel for anyone who loves art and the beach! It was a wonderful time that reminded me to slow down and enjoy the beauty around me. As we start the new year I often get caught up in thinking about  what I haven’t accomplished, where I’m not at in life I forget to reflect on all of my blessings. This year I will cling to the blessings and press on through the doubts! 

Thank you to everyone who stops by my corner of the earth to read! I love you immensely for the support!


  1. I would love to go to Basel next year! Sounds like so much fun. I love your leopard print pants!

  2. Thanks Dora!!! Basel was a lot of fun! You should definitely go!


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