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April 08, 2014

A Moment...

Top-Old, Pants-Lane Bryant, Shoes-Shoedazzle-Old

By the looks of my last few posts, I have to admit pants are having a huge moment in my wardrobe.  I normally am a skirt and dress girl but seemingly I have crossed over into some new territory where I am constantly in a pair of pants. The shape and high waist on these pants were what most attracted me to these along with the six dollar price tag. When I first purchased my pants I was very shocked by how versatile they are to style and create different looks. I paired them with a crop blouse and a great pair of snakeskin heeled sandals.

I get a lot of questions on wearing crop tops, and one trick that helped me be comfortable with the trend was to wear a high-waisted bottom that provided extra cover like these pants. Another trick that helped was to wear longer crop tops like this blouse to minimize the crop look. Personally I think it’s all about what you’re comfortable with wearing. Ease yourself into situation and be nice to yourself most of all!

Anyone else having a moment with something in their closet?


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