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July 29, 2014

Simple Luxury...

J.Crew Tshirt, Skirt-Forever 21 (Similar), Shoes-Camuto, Sunnies-BCBG, Clutch-My Mommies


  It’s been a long few days for me! It seems like July flew by in a flurry of activity. Often when I am busy rushing around getting everything done I like for my wardrobe to be as simple as possible, but I have to remember that simple doesn’t have to mean dowdy. Lately I’ve noticed that my simplicity has gotten a little more luxurious.  When shopping for easy pieces, I have started looking for a few details that I may not have paid much attention too in the past.

One example of that is my choice in graphic t-shirts. When I was in New Orleans earlier this summer I picked up several new graphic t-shirts from J.Crew that I felt were a bit dressier than the normal graphic tee. Maybe it was the linen material, or maybe it was the script in metallic, I can’t quite put my finger on what makes them different. I do know that I couldn’t beat a $12.50 J.Crew t-shirt. Either way I loved it when I wore this one with this scuba skirt from Forever 21Plus and highlighted with gold accessories.  It was a simple yet appropriate look that took me from fashion event to dinner with friends.  

Has anyone else noticed their wardrobe getting a little more luxurious? Are you paying any attention to more details than before? What are they?


P.S. I apologize that you can’t see the writing on the t-shirt so well! The sun was crazy that day.


  1. Love it! I definitely would rock this!

    1. Ashley we have such similar style! I love it!

  2. cute look J!

    and i wouldn't necessarily say my wardrobe is getting more luxurious bu i am paying more attention to the cuts and patterns of things.

    1. I think I am too and the fabric for sure. I like for things to have a bit of longevity now instead of having so many disposable items.

  3. this is such a cute look! Love that skirt!!


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