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October 20, 2014

Fab Werkware Series: Wearing Leather to Work...

Shirt-Old(Coldwater Creek), Skirt-Bloomindales (here and here), Shoes & Sunglasses-Old(BCBG), Cape-Old(AshleyStewart), Clutch-old(Tory Burch)

When my blogger boo Ashley from FabEllis approached me about participating in her Fab Werkwear series I was especially excited to find out the topic was wearing leather to work! Y’all know I love leather and if styled correctly it is definitely work appropriate.

Although I don’t work in an extremely formal work environment I still pay close attention to what I deem appropriate or not for my office setting. There are a few rules I follow to making sure my leather pieces are work/office appropriate. Here they are below:

1. Although I love leather pants, I typically don’t wear them to work. They are harder to style and keep work appropriate. Sidenote:  If I didn’t work in a slightly traditional office I would wear my leather pants to work. You should too if you have more creative licenses!

2. I stick to a few shapes for leather skirts in the work place: pleated, pencil, and circle are all great options.

3. Don’t wear any leather too tight or too short. You will spend your day pulling your skirt down. Or at least I always do.

 4. Monochromatic looks work better in the office setting. I like to tone it down when I wear a rich material such as leather. If you work in a creative environment go for other colors!

 5. Try a leather dress! They look amazing and work so well with layering. I mean check out Ashley’s amazing look over at FabEllis.

 6. Don’t discount how well a leather jacket or blazer can work in the office! To some it seems like simple outerwear but it can be a serious outfit booster especially if worn in a different color!

 7.  Be confident in your outfit!!!

I hope these tips help y’all! I appreciate Ashley at FabEllis for inviting me to participate in this post! I love collaborating with other bloggers!  Head over to her blog to see her take on wearing leather to work and her Fab Werkwear series. So what do you think? Do you wear leather to work? Do you think its work appropriate?

Also, I am starting a new series called “9 to 5 Just to Stay Alive” to discuss work wear. Let me know if there is something you want me to cover!



  1. Love the blue leather and that sweater is a must have. While I am not traditional or conservative nor do I work in an office, other than my own at home, I went with a traditional vibe with a twist for my look this week.

  2. You're awesome! These tips are wonderful. I even learned a lot myself! Thank you again for participating in the Fab Werkwear Series. You are so very appreciated and this outfit honey is fabulous! I need that cape!

  3. I have always been too afraid to rock leather to the office but then again all of my leather like apparel is definitely too tight for the office. You make it look easy!


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