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January 27, 2015

Mixin and Matching...

Shirt-Forever 21(sold out online), Skirt-Macy's(sold out online), Shoes-Aldo, Purse-Talbots, Sunnies-Target



Once upon a time I would have frowned my nose up at a matching outfit. When I was younger that’s all they offered the plus size woman a few matching pieces that we should have been foaming at the mouth to have. I cringe when I think of the outfits I was forced to wear. But times they have changed for the better!

In a haze of late night shopping on black Friday I ran across these two pieces at two different stores with the same print. I took a chance and ordered them to see if they would work together. Surprisingly they were a perfect match! I loved the large dark floral pattern that has come to be one of my favorite prints this season.

Have you changed your mind about a certain trend that you would normally turn your nose up at? What is it? What changed your mind about it?



  1. This is a fabulous outfit on you. Enjoy!!

  2. Wow, I just thought it was a dress! It looks perfect!

  3. You are just fabulous and these prints match FABULOUSLY!

  4. You are just fabulous and these prints match FABULOUSLY!

  5. Hi, I've just stumble across your blog and I am designing clothes for curvy women and its a project new to me. As a fashionista what would you like to see in the market for curvy women? What directs your style of clothing? I would love to hear from you and be inspired.


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