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August 18, 2015

Summer Dress & Sandals...

Dress-Anthropologie, Shoes-Forever21, Bag-Old(Similar  


When it's a scorching 99 degrees outside my main objectives of staying cute and cool get thrown out of the window. I gravitate to cool, flowy dresses to help me maintain during the last of the summer heat. I picked this dress up during a dig through the sale rack at Anthropologie. I know a  few of are giving me the side-eye, but Anthro ( as I like to call it) has great pieces that are plus size friendly. This dress is a large and I am a 20-22 in most sizes.  It is my go to place for unusual pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Plus-size style hack: Knee-high gladiator sandals have been on wish list for quite some time. When I saw the Chloe Wedge on the runway for this spring I knew I had to have a pair. Cut to last month when Forever 21 put up a look-alike pair I bought them immediately, unsure of weather they would work on my 19 inch calves. Well they didn't the shoe strings were just a little too short. Since I had nothing to lose I ordered a longer pair of shoe strings from Amazon and they worked perfectly! Listen, I know that there are lots of things that aren't easy in the world of being a plus size girl, but sometimes we all have to go the extra mile to get their look you are yearning for. I am going to start sharing my plus-size style hacks with you! A few of my friends pointed out that I had a ton of them, and that I should put them on the blog.

Do any of you have any style solutions to beating the summer heat? Let's talk about them!



  1. Beautiful outfit! Love those gladiator sandals. My calves are 19 inches too... Ugh, the struggle! Thanks for sharing :)


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