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August 20, 2015

Crop and Stripes...

Top-Eloquii, Skirt-Modcloth(Similar and Similar), Shoes-Old(Love these)


There is nothing more playful than a sliver of skin with a high-waisted midi skirt. I know the world of fashion maybe experiencing midi fatigue, but I don't know if they will ever get old to me. Earlier this summer I wore this skirt with a more everyday look, but I wanted to spice it up a bit with this crop top from Eloquii. Versatility is the key to creating a great wardrobe!

I have mentioned that pairing a crop top with a high waisted skirt is an easy way to "rock the crop" but hopefully this will inspire someone to try it!!! I am heading to Afro Punk this weekend. I am so excited to have my first weekend of major relaxation!

What do you do to spicy up items in your wardrobe?



  1. Ok the shoes are cute & the outfit is nice but it's not mean't for a Plus Size Figure it doesn't look right, you have to know what works & what doesn't.. Showing your midriff when you're plus size is a no-no!

    1. The nerve of you to come on HER blog and make this asinine comment?!?!?! It's people like you with your close minded view of what plus size women can and can't wear. For your information, plus size women CAN wear crop tops and rock them just as well if not better than non plus size women.

      Jeniese is OWNING this look by the way! Oh and I also own this top in black and wine and have several crop tops that I am proud to show off so "trendymom" you can go and kick boulder rocks in a pair of flip flops!!!

    2. I just re-enabled my comments to the blog, thank you so much for your kind words @Dangerously Dark! I appreciate them so much.


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