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January 21, 2016

Sleeves Optional...

Sleeveless Coat Love this one , Turtleneck,  Culotte-Similar, Shoes- Love these and these

One of my favorite outerwear trends of the past few years is definitely the sleeveless coat/vest look. My love hate relationship with coats has always been a slight issue for me. I feel constricted in them, I often get too hot and I hate driving in them. In spite of this I think they are pretty and necessary during these cooler winter months.

Enter the sleeveless coat! It has been the perfect solution for my problems. I love the silhouette and versatility of these coats. Sleeveless coats are especially amazing here in the southern states where I weather is as unpredictable as it gets. Here are a few of my style ideas on how to make a sleeveless coat work for you:

1. Layer it over a jacket (i.e. a blazer, leather jacket or full coat)
2. Pair it with your favorite chunky sweater for added warmth
3. Use it on a warmer day when you can lose your heavy winter outerwear
4. Put it over a dress for the perfect day or evening look

Has anyone besides me fallen in love with the sleeveless coat/vest pairing? If so what did you wear yours with?

Thank you for reading!




  1. I have a sleeveless coat and I wear jean jackets and leather jackets under mine. It is my go to, and it also has a detachable fur collar. I love this on you BTW...


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