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June 15, 2016

Maggy London Sample Sale!!!

Dress, Shoes-Old(love these)

Since I don't live in NYC or LA, I have never had the pleasure of going to a sample sale. I have heard legendary stories about them, and I get green with envy everytime I see people lined up waiting to get in the doors for one. It is exciting that more and more retailers are starting to extend their sample sale to their online customers. This weekend Maggy London is doing just that!

From June 16 to June 20, Maggy London is opening up a vault of styles that have not been previously available on the site at some really amazing prices! Now is a great opportunity to stock up on a few dresses at a great price y'all! The sale will include looks from Maggy London, London Times and London Times Curve. Prices range from $29-$49, a major drop from their normal $78-$148. New styles will be added each day of the sample sale, so make sure you check here daily! This green dress is just one of the many items that are available during the sale.

So have you been to a sample sale? Did you have fun? Or was it brutal?

Thank you for reading!


* This post was sponsored by Maggy London, but all opinions are my own.



  1. Love these colors! I'll have to log on to this sale!!

  2. Sample Sales sound fun in theory, but I picture them as chaotic things, women climbing over one another to get THAT sweater. I know from my days of tag saling what it's like to literally RACE to a unique item and try to get there before someone else snatches it away from right under your nose. I don't miss those days. I prefer shopping in a calmer atmosphere. But I wish you luck at yours!

    And these colors look great on you!!!


    1. LOLOLOLOL! I imagine the same thing, but I still thing one time would be fun to go too. Thank you so much Bettye!

  3. Your nail polish matches your shoes!!! PERFECTION.

  4. Blue-Green-Blue...great match! I'd never been to a sample sale but I really want to go this time if I'll get the chance and proper time.

    1. Thank you Sandra! I appreciate that! I want to go to one too!


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