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August 19, 2016

The Local: My Five Favorite Places in Birmingham With Gwynnie Bee!

I have long referred to my blog as not only a place for fashion but also a love letter to my city. Often I am amazed at the antiquated notions that people still have about the south. Birmingham is filled with magic, hence the nickname The Magic City. So when Gwynnie Bee asked me to partner with them to do "The Local" on their blog, I jumped at the change. In the feature I get to share my favorite places in Birmingham and some of my favorite looks from their new selections it was super hard to narrow it down to just 5 locations and 5 looks. 

This year I am working diligently to cut down on my shopping, but it's not as easy as it seems. The want for new clothes, may never go away, but Gwynnie Bee clothing services seem like the best option ever to help! Gwynnie Bee is a plus-size subscription clothing service that you can fill your closet with a few items, have them shipped to you, decide if you want to buy them (at a much lower cost) or you can send them back (with free shipping I might add). Go hear to see how it works. It was surprisingly easy, and I may or may not be keeping some of these pieces that I'm wearing.  

Without further delay here are 5 of my favorite places in Birmingham: 


Carmakoma Biham Dress

2nd Avenue North
I love downtown Birmingham. Over the past few years it has seen a resurgence of restaurants, stores, bars and coffee shops.  If downtown had a main street it would definitely be 2nd Avenue North. As downtown started to make a comeback 2nd Avenue North become home to several of the hottest places in the city including Pale Eddies Pour House, Yo’ Mamma’s, Charm and ElBarrio to name a few. On any given Saturday 2nd Avenue north is home to music festivals, open street fairs and art shows. There is never a shortage of things to do on this street. 

City Chic Prism Dress

If you were to ask me where I love to go the most in my city, my answer would definitely be Avondale. I love the relaxed atmosphere, constant live music and amazing food. It is entirely possible to spend an entire day in Avondale, working and having coffee at Saturn, enjoying food (Saw’s/Post Office Pies/Melt/Fancy’s on Fifth/Rowe’s Service Station/WoodenGoat) and winding your day down with a beer at Avondale Brewery. The possibilities are honestly endless. I can’t wait for the new shops to open next year! Cause all I need is more places to shop. 

Jete Abstract Print Jacket

Downtown Homewood
Since I was a child I have been coming to downtown Homewood to eat, play and get beautified! So many cute shops, and restaurants have been here for years.  It’s wear I get myself together ( you know mani/pedi time) and where I find new and adventurous accessories to wear. When I was kid My Mom would bring me to downtown Homewood for shoes, as a teenager I went there afterschool to be cool with my friends and as an adult I cling to familiarity of the area. It’s also where I feel in love with retail, Theodora will forever be my favorite store in Birmingham. 

City Chic Open Rose Dress

Uptown: Entertainment District
Uptown is a new entertainment district in Birmingham with coffee houses, fun restaurants, hotels and an amazing big screen that is perfect for watching football. It was developed by the City of Birmingham as a place for visitors to stay and play downtown! I love watching sporting events in uptown and walking from place to place through the night. 

Carmakoma Biham Dress

Birmingham is home to some amazing green spaces. The newest one to join the bunch is the Rotary Trail.  The Rotary Trail is considered an extension of Birmingham’s premier green space Railroad Park.  It is a part of the system of walking trails that will eventually connect together. Previously a railroad cut through downtown Birmingham, the renovated trail includes walking paths, benches, lighting, boardwalks, an amphitheater and solar powered phone chargers. My personal favorite part is the Rotary Trail in the Magic City Sign that is a nod to the Birmingham Magic City that was a hallmark of the central terminal station. My co-workers and I go there to have lunch and take mini-walks since it’s so near my office. 

I hope you come and visit me sometimes so I can show you the magic of my city! I also hope you give Gwynnie Bee a try!  

Thank you for reading! 


* Post sponsored by Gwynnie Bee, but all opinions are my own.


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