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September 08, 2016

Fun or functional plus-size fashion?

Dress | Shoes-Old(Similar)| Bag-Vintage (Obsessed with this one)

Earlier this month, I was having a conversation with a friend about fashion. I had just received this dress in the mail and she thought it was too much. The colors, the stripes the design was all too much to her. I was shocked and a little surprised. I had been obsessed with it since I first saw it on Eloquii's Snapchat.  Then while rolling my eyes an aha moment fell upon me. I realized that I very rarely think of anything as too much. Okay soooo maybe Lady Gaga's meat dress was too much, maybe exposing your nipples in a dress is too much, but all of those are extreme cases of fashion.

You see functional and fun are two things in the fashion arena that I have a tendency to war with. Fashion is supposed to be fun, adventurous and I guess functional. I see the value in having clothing that's appropriate for work and for everyday occasions. I also see the value in having clothing that is whimsical, brings joy and causes excitement. Functional vs. Fun clothing especially comes to a head in plus-size fashion. While so many of us are fighting and encouraging artistic fashionable pieces so many women are simply interested in finding clothes that are the total opposite. They want basic clothes that have as little whimsy as possible. It's so interesting to see how different people feel about both sides of this. I am of the school that definitely  believes that fashion can be both functional and fun. Every closet and every life has room for a little bit of both!

Fit Facts: On a side note this dress is amazing! It sold out but you know Eloquii loves to bring things back for us. I would totally get on the waitlist if you want to be first to know when it comes back in! The cotton was extremely forgiving, it ran slightly big, but not big enough for me to go down a size. The vibrant stripes are like non other! I will def be rocking this through out the fall! 

So what side of the coin do you fall on fashion that is functional? Or fashion that is fun? If it's both how do you deal with it?

Thank you for reading!


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  1. I love that you wrote about this because I see a great divide of fantasy and function in many outfit posts.

    I see some (fantasy/fun) looks and I think, "Oh, how nice, but where would a girl go in that..." I go for those looks on special occasions or to places where I need a statement outfit, like a concert.

    On the other hand, I need stuff that I can wear every day.

    It seems like there aren't enough middle-of-the-road pieces out...

    Strangely enough, I would totally wear this to the office. Great dress!


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