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February 16, 2017

How To Make Casual Dressing Your Own...

Jacket | Shirt-Similar | Skirt | Sneakers | Bag-Vintage (Obsessed with this one) | Sunnies

It has taken me a really long-time to get my casual clothing game together. I was never into casual/sporty looks, even as a child. I preferred to get dressed up. But slowly and surely I have learned how to put a casual spin on my wardrobe without losing my style. I'm even getting into the Athleasure look that everyone loves so much!

The key to building my casual wardrobe has been buying pieces that still speak to my sense of style. Colors, fit, shapes and patterns remain the same for me when picking out casual pieces. This look is the perfect example of going casual with an outfit, instead of dressy. Since I got this silver bomber from Eloquii I have worn it over several dresses, but I love it the most with this mini skirt, and sneakers. It was the perfect look to kick around on my day off, without feeling too under dressed.

So basically I changed my mind about how I was looking at this area of my wardrobe. I no longer think that causal dress sacrifices parts of my style and I no longer hate shopping for casual pieces.

How do you feel about casual dressing? How do you approach this part of your wardrobe?

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  1. I need to work on my wardrobe period LOL. Your blog has me wanting to do better. Thanks

  2. Girl listen...

    I wore sneakers on my wedding day, okay?! Casual Chic is my middle name! LOL Love the look, you nailed it! ~ T


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