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April 25, 2017

Casual Spring with Roaman's

T-shirt & Culottes C/O Roaman's | Jacket-Old (Similar here, here and here) | Shoes-Old (Similar here and here) | Bag-Old (Love this one)

To say last week was a cluster is putting it mildly. Emotionally I was all over the place, it's busy season at work, and I constantly felt like I couldn't get myself together. I also looked like I couldn't get it together. Even worse I looked like I couldn't I get it together. Thanks a lot Mercury, I really can't wait until you move out of retrograde! Very quickly I made a deal with myself to submit to the unexpected feelings of being overwhelmed and just make it through the week. Often when we give ourselves permission to acknowledge our feelings we alleviate the pressure that is weighing us down.

As the weekend approached I made a conscious decision to try and turn my week around. I still had to work all weekend, but I lowed down and tried to enjoy what was going on around me. I also put a bit of effort into what I was putting on for my weekend adventures. My moods dictate my wardrobe 9 times out of 10, so when I don't feel good putting forth a fashionable effort pretty much flies out of the window. Since my mood was on the rebound I knew I wanted to put more effort into my weekend wardrobe.

Alabama is in the thick of the spring, having the ability to shed these winter layers makes me so happy! This distressed t-shirt and culottes from Roaman's made the perfect weekend look. I added my studded military jacket, leopard shoes and red back to top off the look. After I was done with work, I was dressed perfectly to go from place to place to place in the city.

When Roaman's asked me to partner with them this spring, I was super curious about how there style had changed, and it's definitely changed a lot. When I was a teen they were one of the few places that was available for me to get elevated basics. While that hasn't changed, they have so many fashion forward pieces. I have had so much fun styling them, can't wait to share them with you. For you my dear readers Romans has a code for you to get 40% off your highest item "RDJENIESE40".

Is anyone else having a rough month? When I posted about it on IG so many people said they were..

Thank you,


* Thank you Roaman's for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. This mercury in retrograde has me coming and going. One minute productive, the next all out of it. I do love the casual look. Catherines has been stepping it up!

  2. Girl you are effortlessly stylish as usual! Love this look!

  3. Can I have the whole look please?!?! I love it!!!

  4. Love this look and the army green. it feels good to casually cute.

  5. I love this outfit! Those sandals give me life!!!

  6. Love this casual chic outfit and love how you added a pop of color with the purse.


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