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November 14, 2017

I'm With The Band...Plus-Size Military Embellishments

Jacket c/o - Addition Elle | Top | Jeans | Shoes | Sunnies | Bag

For as long as I can remember I've been in loved with military and band embellishments on clothing. You can even ask my Mom how long I begged for majorette boots to wear with my school dresses, or how I didn't understand that they weren't practical. I have a fairly large collection of jackets with these embellishments on them, but up until now I didn't I hadn't added a denim one to my collection. It only felt right for me to pick this one out from Additional Elle. Literally I am obsessed with this jacket.

I keep playing a million and one ways to wear it and finally decided that I should preserve it instead of wearing it out (sigh).  The detailing, the gold buttons, the shape and the fit make this the most amazing jacket ever. Perfect for adding some pizazz to a maxi dress or a pair of jeans. Pairing it was jeans and this romantic white blouse was such an easy look. It was a good balance of trend and classic. Any further and I may or may not have looked like Captain Hook.

Fall has so many amazing band/military embellished pieces out. Have you found one that you like? If so what are they? I may or may not want to buy them too, LOL!

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  1. I love this jacket! Where can I purchase it? Chico's has an off white wool military style jacket that you may like too!


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