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October 12, 2018

Makeovers & Takeovers with BabbleBoxx

Hello from Vacation! I’m working with Babble Boxx to bring you a few new items that will makeover and transform the ways that you use everyday products! 

Hands down these Earth Brand sneakers are the most comfortable women’s shoes that I’ve worn in a long time. I can’t begin to tell you how well cushioned these were for my wide feet.  Personally I have a hard time finding sneakers that are supportive for my foot, most of them are so narrow. But not these they were so comfortable. Each Earth Brand shoe is inspired by their founder, Anne Kalso, who thought that wellness begins from the ground up! Earth Brand also plants a tree with each shoe purchase. Head over to their website to check these out

If I’m being honest, I was terrified to try contact lenses. I’ve been avoiding them since I got glasses, but I don’t like touching my eye or dealing with anything that have to do with my eye. But the Aveo lenses are a game changer. They are extremely soft and fit my eye easier than I thought possible. They also seemed larger than the average contact lenses.  Aveo contact lenses wants to change your experience not just how you order them, but also how they fit into your life. Aveo is a subscription service in which you can set up your monthly order of contact lenses that come straight to your door. The service is less than $1 a day and you get free shipping, free first month! I was throughly impressed with the service!  Get your first box here

The last item in my box was this Maidenform shaper is beyond comfortable! I’ve been searching for a shaper that is soft, with a few delicate details to smooth my body out and this is perfect. I also wore it under dresses and t-shirts to use as a bralette. We also know the invention of power mesh has changed the shape wear game up. Gone are the days that I feel like I’m struggling in my shape ware. This shaper has a cooling fabric and you can wear your own bra! I always hated finding a shaper that accommodated my body and my boobs and this one did for sure! Check it out here

Trying new products is always fun, but trying new products that bring a improvement to my life is even better! 

Stay tuned for new post in the next week! I can't wait to share fall content with you! 


  1. This boldness has navigated right into my heart.

  2. This is graceful and magical :)

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