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August 08, 2014

What to Wear On Your Birthday!!!

What to Wear For Your Birthday...

What to Wear For Your Birthday...Part 2...

Who doesn’t love a good birthday look?!?!?  One of my fabulous readers requested a little help in suggesting what she should wear for her 40th Birthday! For such a momentous occasion I wanted to put together several of my favorite pieces from around the web. There are so many amazing pieces on the plus size market, so many are fitting for celebrations. Everyone deserves to fill as amazing as possible on their birthday, but I also understand wanting to be comfortable along with looking fabulous.

Upon searching the internet for recommendations everything I loved fell into two categories jumpsuits and dresses!  I love a good dress, but at the moment I am head over heels with jumpsuits. Going back to the 70’s era the style always resonates a chic party vibe and I have yet to wear one that wasn’t comfortable.  I think they bring an unexpected element to the look that makes other people do a double take!  I realize jumpsuits can be intimidating to many people, so I wanted to include a few of my favorite dresses. A great dress can make a woman feel invincible!

Each of these looks would be a marvelous choice for any occasion, especially a Birthday! They also make solid go too additions to your wardrobe to save yourself from being frantic during a special occasion. Please don’t hesitate to request a post or send me an email to ask me a question! I am always here to help and respond!


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