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May 12, 2015

Mellow Yellow...

Yellow Midi-Simply Be, Shoes-ShoeDazzle(old), Sunnies-Stella McCartney

There is nothing better than a brightly colored dress on a warm spring day! I felt 100% girl when I wore this dress to grab an early dinner. Honestly, I thought this dress a wee bit drab when I got it. Yes I know its bright yellow y’all, but that was the most exciting thing about it. Until I put it on. The feminine cut made such a huge difference to me.

To add a little more oomph to the dress I wore these multi-color extreme platforms that I forgot about. When the fashion heads declared platforms over, I gave most of mine away, without a thought. Thank goodness these survived. Just a touch of whimsy was all that was needed to make this look perfect!

What do you add to a look to make it perfect when you aren’t sure how you feel about it?



  1. Just gorgeoussssssssssss!!!!!!!! I still have all my platforms waiting for the day they come back! lolll When I'm feeling unsure I add fab accessories

  2. You look fabulous! Absolutely love it from head to toe and that color on your skin... Yes ma'am!

    I tend to add a vest or a blazer if I'm not sure how I feel about an outfit.

  3. So BOMB! I love that dress and those shoesssss. I would add a statement necklace or blazer If I'm not sure about the outfit.


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