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September 15, 2015

Gap Stripe Dress Revisited...

Dress-Gap, Pumps-Old(Similar), Sunnies-Prada

Every now and then a voice in my head says “Jeniese you don’t need another stripe piece of clothing” and immediately I know that voice is the devil trying to bring me down. LOLOLOL. Seriously, I struggle with not buying the same items in different variations over and over again. But when I spotted this striped dress at the Gap earlier this month, I couldn’t even resist.  

I sadly can’t wear my first Gap stripe dress anymore so I was super excited to find another one to replace it. The red and blue and blue stripes on this dress make me just as giddy as the last one I wore. The only thing I am going to alter is the length. There is a huge hem in it and I want the dress to be a wee bit longer so I can wear it to work. I would hate to flash someone while walking around my office, or working an event.

Do you guys struggle with buying the same item over and over again? And should we feel bad about it?

I am beyond sorry about the delays between posts y’all. I hit a brick wall on content and our shooting schedule got thrown out of the window due to excessive rain in our area. Now I am back and ready for Fall content! I am working on a few lifestyle ideas to start bringing to you my amazing readers. What would you like to see? Let me know.

Thank you for reading.  


1 comment

  1. I say if it works for you can't hurt havingore than one!

    I wanted to buy the first red and striped dress you posted before, but it was sold out. Gotta grab this one!


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