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November 19, 2015

Overall Chic...

Overalls-Old Navy(Similar here and here), Shirt-Talbots, Jacket-Asos Old,

I spent the majority of 1994 in a pair of Gap overalls that I saved for religiously. I loved them and cried real tears when they finally got too small for me.  So when the trend resurfaced I knew that I wanted to try to create a look. But in total honesty that it took forever to find the perfect pair for me. I ordered no less than 5 pair and none of them worked. They didn't fit right, either the crotch hung too long or the legs were too wide, or I felt like an preteen. None of them felt authentically like something I would wear, so I decided I would give up on the trend all together. On one of my random trips to Old Navy, I finally found this perfect pair of overalls!!!

Sticking to my formula of making trends work for me, I paired the overalls with my favorite stripe jacket and black silk shirt. My favorite black pumps rounded out the look for me. This fashion girls heart went pitter patter. Nothing makes me happier than a good look coming together.

So did any of y'all try overalls? Or did you decide to leave them in the past?

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