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February 25, 2016

Outfit Changes...

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I've always been one to alter an outfit or a piece of clothing when it didn't work for me. Either a hem, a cut or a major alteration, I don't mind making changes in order for me to increase the functionality of an item.

As I was making a few closet edits I realized that I don't wear this skirt enough and I didn't have one good reason why. Until I tried it on and remembered that the length was too long for me. Heading to put it in the sell pile, I got the bright idea to cut a little off the bottom. Two minutes later and I had the cutest denim mini. Although I must admit I did cut off a little more than I intended, the new length is easier for to integrate into my closet.

Running to lunch on this weekend, I threw the skirt on with my OTK boots, stripe tee and fur vest. It was a super easy look that I know I can recreate over and over again. So my experiment didn't go wrong.

So my dear readers do you ever alter your looks? Anyone take a pair of scissors to some things that didn't quite fit?

Thank you for reading!


Speaking of closet cleanings I am posting a closet sale this week! Stay tuned for the announcement! 



  1. Hi girl you're looking fabulous as ever.. please let me know when you have a closet sale girl love you!

  2. We have a mutual friend the Palmer's Cherelle

  3. I haven't taken scissors to anything yet, but I've seriously considered it with all these cute crewneck t-shirts out there! My 12-year-old daughter has NO QUALMS about it and has come up with some pretty cute stuff. I love your OOTD - you're working it!

  4. I'm actually trying to get the nerve up to take a pair of scissors to a spring dress right now... it shouldn't be too hard to hem but I still get nervous!

    I think the length of your skirt paired with the height of those boots is absolutely spot-on, and you're totally slaying it in that last picture! <3

  5. Have I ever told you that I LOVE LOVE legs.....lol....show those legs.


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