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December 06, 2016

Trying out Eloquii's Viola Fit

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As usual Eloquii continues to blow my mind with the offerings that they bring to the plus size community. Along with the fashion forward, well constructed, affordable pieces they also care. They listen to their customers and that is totally refreshing as a consumer. One one of my late night shopping sprees (that's another blog post), I noticed that they had a new fit popping up on some of their dresses. In my totally curiosity I kept looking around knowing that I would find out soon enough what "Viola" meant.

Shortly after that I received the official announcement on Viola. Essentially it's a fit that is smaller on top than on bottom. Just as with any women, plus-size women often find themselves in themselves being smaller on top than they are on bottom. It makes it especially hard to find dresses, jumpsuits and pants that fit properly. I reached out to Jodi Arnold, Creative Director at Eloquii to find out more about the Viola fit and it's origins.

Me:  What's different about the Viola fit?
JA: We created this fit for this particular shape by making the bust size to be the part that you order too and then we adjusted the pattern to accommodate a wider hip measurement and a smaller waist.

Me: Who is the Viola fit customer? What lead Eloquii to create this fit?
JA: The inspiration for the collection came from the all  of the feedback we received from customers that have a hard time finding items and outfits for this particular shape. We heard that they weren't able to purchase many of our options and had to alter everything.

Me: Depending on the success of the fit do you think there will be other innovations in fit that Eloquii will try? 
JA: We would love to expand out collections to fit the diversity of women size 14+ and their bodies. We want our shoppers to able to wear ELOQUII and feel comfortable with the fit and not assume that they will have to have things altered. We want them to be able to put the piece on and feel great. So, out customers feedback will continue to drive what we do and what we create in the future. 

Since having a breast reduction way back when, I have always been smaller in my bust that I am in my bottom. I'm not what I would say as pear shaped, but often dresses don't fit my the way I would prefer for them too. I loved the fit of this dress, it was a much better fit all over. If you are unsure of how or what it would fit you, the size chart was spot on! 
Let this be a lesson! As a consumer your voice matters, there are people listening to your feedback and your concerns. Have you tried this Viola fit yet? If so what do you think? 

Thank you for reading! 



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