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October 29, 2020

The Lightest Bra Ever...

Outfit: Bra | Panties | Pants 

When Lane Bryant reached out for me to try Cacique's new "So Light" bra,  I literally wondered yeah right how light can it possibly be? In my mind there was no way a bra could be light and still provide the proper support that I need, well I was wrong! I went with my typical balconette style that has been updated with as they put it on the Lane Bryant website "light-as-a-feather feel that still delivers the same great lift, support, and shape you love." 

For as long as I remember the balconette has been my go to bra style because it works with everything, form V-necks to turtlenecks, so imagine my surprise to find out this update was living up to its so light name! I honestly don't feel like I have a thing on when I wear this. My boobs still sit up and are well supported while encased in this supportive, smoothing light bra. I have since ordered two more after receiving this one. 

The So Light Bra is available in a few fits, if the balconette doesn't work for you. Sizes for the balconette range from a 36-50 band with and a C to H cup size. 

So has anyone tried to So Light bras yet? How do you feel about a Balconette

Thank you to Lane Bryant for sponsoring this post! And thank you for reading! 



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