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April 19, 2016

Eyelet Enjoyment with Maggy London...

I'm pretty sure being raised in the South requires you to love certain things. One of those things for me is eyelet. As a kid my bedspread was outlined in an intricate eyelet and I have been obsessed ever since then. The delicacy of the fabric evokes feelings of summertime, refreshing drinks and celebrations. When I received this dress from Maggy London, I couldn't wait to give it a twirl.

Immediately,  I noticed how versatile this dress was. I knew that I could style it casually and dressy in order to give longevity in my closet. I've discussed how I try to find items that can be worn multiple ways in order for me to get good wear out of it. So I styled it two different ways for you to see how easy you can do the same thing!

For the daytime, throwing it on with white sneakers and a jean jacket made it an easy look for a day of fun. Transitioning into night, I lost the jacket and added an ankle strap sandal that stayed in line with the delicate nature of the dress. A brightly colored handbag was the perfect pop of color needed for summer nights. The dress fits true to size all around. There isn't any stretch in the dress, but it was extremely comfortable. Check out this dress and more from Maggy London, they have so many amazing dresses for this season!

What do you think of eyelet? Love it? Is it too girly for you? Or are you indifferent?

Thank you for reading!

*This post was sponsored by Maggy London, but all opinions are my own. 

Thank you for reading!




  1. I love eyelet too! I have Southern roots but was raised in NYC!


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