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February 14, 2018

A Single Girls Guide to Having Joy and Love on Valentine's Day!

Jacket | Skirt | T-Shirt | Shoes(Old) - Similar and Similar | Sunnies- Similar

Happy Valentine's Day my Loves! I'm another year into this single girls Valentine's Day and I've been looking forward to it! I love Valentine's Day! It's my absolute favorite holiday and you can miss me with all of the arguments on the commercialization of the holiday. I got that memo and I reject it. Last year I gave you a bunch of fun things that Single Girls can do to celebrate this holiday, and those are still fun things to do. This year I have decided to indulge in a week of things that bring me joy and love. Here are a few of those things:

 1. Laugh and talk with my Girlfriends
 2. Wearing red
 3. Watching the Winter Olympics with my Parents
 4. Re-reading my favorite book (The Alchemist)
 5. Having my favorite meal (sushi)
 6. Drinking my favorite cocktail
 7. Getting a facial, a mani and a pedi
 8. Buying myself something new and impractical
 9. Donating money to a worthy cause
10. Going to movies
11. Celebrating Black Panther release (cause it's totally a holiday)
12. Going to the art museum
13. Taking a long nap
14. Go to Church

That's just a few of them. I hope you have a wonderful day, no week filled with joy and love. We are all deserving of joy and love! I also need to just remind you that if you're feeling lonely on this day and any day please reach out to me! I will be happy to listen to you and tell you how wonderfully amazing you are!

Thank you for reading! I love you!


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  1. Girl, same about Valentine's day. I usually take it as a day to celebrate my friends and family. Anyway, can I say that this outfit is awesome. It's red, and bold as brass and I'm loving it! That Jacket especially is fabulous and I want one.


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