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October 31, 2019

Poncho Party with Catherines

Outfit: Poncho | Tank | Pant

Today is my third and final post in my partnership with Catherines!

Listen if anyone knows me, then they know I love a poncho. For years I wore oversized poncho items from straight size stores that other women avoided like the plague. It would be putting it lightly to say I was obsessed with them. To this day I still love throwing a poncho over a legging, skinny pant or jean to pull an entire look together. It makes me feel chic without trying. I know some people avoid them because they can be to over-sized but not me and not this poncho from Catherines latest fall selections.

This poncho from Catherines is so easy to wear!  I put it on top of a tank top so I would get to hot and paired it with my favorite leggings. I was instantly ready to walk out of the door. If I had to restyle this I would put it over a white blouse to elevate the look even more!

So how do you feel about ponchos? Do you love them or are you indifferent?

Thank you for reading!



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