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February 25, 2014

Pink Sparkles...

Blazer, Tank, Pants, Necklace-Forever 21, Shoes-Khol's

I apologize for the lack of post. I spent most of last week fighting a cold and getting a root canal (awful). But I am back now feeling much better!

When taking a look at my wardrobe I realized that I am completely guilty of focusing strictly on a few aspects of my wardrobe and lately my accessories have been severely ignored. One of my main focuses of 2014 was to spend a bit more time focused on remedying this problem. As with my wardrobe I want to mix high-end and low end pieces to build my collection. I fell totally in love with this rhinestone bib necklace from Forever 21 and I know it would add to my collection. Such sparkly perfection can easily be dressed up or down. I know you will see more of it on the blog.

Anyone focusing on a specific part of their wardrobe? How did you decide how and what to focus on?
Thanks for reading!!!




  1. root canal? ouch but glad you are feeling better. love the look especially the pop with the pumps!

    and i constantly abandon most of my wardrobe which is why i have been forcing myself to wear things i already own and not buying much new stuff


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