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April 28, 2015

Denim Daze

Vest-The Limited (Similar here and here) Jeans-Torrid, T-Shirt-Forever21, Shoes-Asos(Sold Out) Similar, Necklace-Bauble Bar

One of the most vivid shopping memories that I have as a teen was shopping for jeans with my Mom. It was 1994, I was a sophomore in high school and I longed to have a pair of medium wash bootcut jeans from the Gap. At that time Gap jeans were premium denim and everyone had a pair. In the nineties if you were fat and fashionable you were pretty much out of luck. Plus-size jeans were boxy, hard and they came in terrible washes. I, always willing to be innovative with my wardrobe, wore men’s jeans. They were soft, generously cut and they came in all types of washes. I never minded that they had a button fly and didn’t quite fit my hips, I was happy to achieve the look I wanted.

Flash forward to today and there are more jeans styles available in plus-sizes than I ever thought possible. As I was recently cleaning out my closet I realized I had become something of a denim hoarder. My teenage self comes to life and has an irrational fear of not having the right pair of jeans. So I buy any and every pair that fits well. It’s like a tiny victory for a 14 year-old girl who cried on her mother’s shoulder, because buying old lady jeans was her only option.

I am grateful for how far plus-size clothing has come. I am grateful that teenage girls have options and they no longer have to endure the craziness that I went through. I am grateful that I have my choice of denim these days.

What’s your relationship with denim?



  1. I can relate to each & every word of this post! I remember wanting Gap jeans so badly that I, too, cried on my mom's shoulder. I think I may have found jeans at Lane Bryant, but back then LB wasn't as stylish as it is now. I'm grateful for our choices nowadays, too!

  2. So refreshing cool and casual!!!! Love this!

  3. You look fabulous! Love this from head to toe and I might need to add that vest to my wardrobe. :-) My relationship with denim is weird. I have a pear shape so it was always the weird fit that got me. It would fit in the hips, but be too big in the waist. Target's AVA and VIV line surprisingly has some of the best fitting denim jeans I've had in awhile. Forever 21's jeans fit great too!

  4. I've been visiting your site for a few months now and I really like your style but this look is PERFECTION! Just had to say that I LOVE IT!

  5. Very nice, gorgeous necklace and gold accessories!


  6. I didn't wear a lot of jeans for that same reason. I was teetering on a 16 and I feel like I was bursting out of those even when they fit. Gladly they started making more stuff in a 16/18 around the time I was wearing clothing that i paid for on my own. These days I still find it to a struggle to find jeans that I really like. I tend to buy some and wear them over and over again.

    You look great in this outfit.


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