A Guide To A Stylish Plus Size Life

May 26, 2016

Saving, Splurging and Summer Dresses...


Dress, Shoes, Sunnies, Bag-My Grandmothers (Love these here and here)

A few weeks ago Eloquii had a customer appreciation sale. I'm pretty sure I blacked out and bought a whole bunch of stuff, but what's new?! Like everyone I can't ever resist a good sale. There is nothing better than find great stuff on an even better discount.Trust me, I am just as cost conscious as the next shopper. I've had my eye on this dress since it dropped, but didn't really consider it a need so it stayed in the warehouse. During the sale the dress was $39, quickly changing it  from a want to a need super quick.

As a blogger I constantly hear comments about the price of plus-size fashion. But I'm also mostly baffled by the comments. Plus-size clothing has come so far, that the range of items that go from ultra pricey to cheap are all available.  It's basically the same with straight size clothing.They have the same exact pricing scale as plus-size pieces. I have no problems splurging on well made, unique items, but I also like to make my coins count when it's time to shop.  There is nothing wrong with ruling out the affordability of a $200 jumpsuit, but there is also nothing wrong with deciding to forgo 6 pieces that cost $29.99 to get the jumpsuit.

I often want to help everyone navigate these shopping waters. Imparting my wisdom on how to shop sale and when to splurge, but alas I didn't know how. Well duh Jeniese, write a blog post about it!!! Here are a few of my fool proof ways to help you get a good bargain on your clothes:

1. Sign up for emails for your favorite stores. Yes I know, I know emails are annoying. But you never know when they are going to throw down the gauntlet and have a great sale. For example if I didn't have email alerts I wouldn't have known about the Eloquii sale and it was amazing! If emails annoy you that much, use a tool like Unroll me to help you organize. It too is life changing.

2. Search for coupons. Before you buy anything do a simple Google search for a coupon code. I always take this for granted, but lots of people still don't do this.

3. Make a list of what you want. I have wishlist all over the place. Wishlist give me a place to go and look at everything and decide if I really want them or not. Often time or not if I give it a little time, I change my mind and only end up buying items that I truly want.

4. Make friends with someone who works for the brand. Sales people are your friends.  They can alert you to sales, and clue you into when you should buy that handbag you've been eying for months. Brands want you to shop, so they are going to give you the info you need to do so!

5. Figure out how to splurge within your budget. If you have been coveting an expensive indie piece, but you find the price to be iffy. Figure out if it will work for you and if it makes sense in your wardrobe. Deciding not to buy several things so you can buy one big thing is really rewarding. Usually you will wear the item for years to come.

I know this was an unusually long post, but I had lots to say to you my dear reader. I also hope everyone realizes that as the plus-size industry grows so will the spectrum of our price point. So what's your shopping strategy? Do you splurge if so how do decided on your splurge?

Thanks for reading!



  1. This is a WONDERFUL post! I so agree with you - I just shake my head when people talk about how "expensive" plus size clothes are. I'm happy to say that I follow all of your suggestions! And did back in the day when I was a very struggling college student. It can be done. Thanks Jeniese! OH and you look fab as usual. That chic haircut bowls me over every time.

  2. You look so girlish. Beautiful.


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