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June 02, 2016

The Little Black Dress with London Times Curves...

Dress, Shoes-Ann Taylor, Bag-Tory Burch, Sunglasses-Dior

At the cornerstone of every good closet is a little black dress. The LBD is prefect dress option to provide you with ample opportunities to wear, when you don't know what to wear. It's perfect for weddings, dinner parties, and every special occasion in between. I try to update my wardrobe with at least one new LBD yearly, just to cover all of those unexpected events.

To me the perfect LBD has a few standout qualities that make it stand out. A great neckline, longer length, an unexpected detail and a last by certainly not least a great fit. I have been looking at this Maggy London Illusion dress for a little while, it fits all of my recommendations for the perfect LBD. I didn't know if came in plus-sizes, but I was delighted when I found out it could!  The sheer detail at the top gives the dress a delicate, lady like feel. I also love the cap sleeve that gives the extra coverage that many women want, without being dowdy.  The longer length works well for any occasion and I can't tell you enough how comfortable it is. I was honestly afraid I wasn't going to fit it,  I am a size 22/24 and the dress comes up to a 20W. Surprise if fit perfectly! Nothing and I do mean nothing beats a dress that you wear comfortably.

I haven't even begin to count up the summer occasions that I have coming up, but I do know that I will be wearing this LBD to as many as I can. What about you readers? Do you believe in the power of the LBD? What do you look for in a LBD? Do you find them hard to find in plus-sizes?

Thank you for reading!

* This post was sponsored by Maggy London, but this time


  1. Stunning as usual. LBD is very powerful. I like the ones that are versatile. You know the one that isn't too much for the funeral you have to attend but it goes over very well at the After 5 wedding that you have to go to as well. All of the LBD I have have come from believe it or not Ross. I found them with little or no effort on the clearance rack out of state {i.e. Florida, VA, GA}. Of course you have to go to every Ross (it doesn't matter if they are on the same strip 10 miles from the last one).

    1. I love Ross! They have a little of something for absolutely everyone. Thank you!

  2. That dress is adorable on you. Very chic.




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