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June 17, 2018

Stripe Dream Dress & Shopping for my Hips...

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Let me start off by saying I'm sorry for this post in advance. This dress is more thank likely sold out and for that I'm really sorry. It's been returning back to stock weekly, so there is still a chance you could pick it up. It's always a blogger's nightmare to post about something that sold out, but I love these shots so much, and this dress to I wanted to share it with y'all.

A few summers ago I saw a favorite blogger of mine wearing a dress like this, and when I saw pictures of Gabrielle Union floating around in one, I hoped and prayed the NY& Co XXL would fit (and that was a super strong prayer y'all). As soon as I realized it was coming in plus sizes I jumped all over it! When I say I jumped all over it. I stopped what I was doing (driving) and bought this dress. My biggest fear was what size I needed, but after consulting the size chart I went with the 3x.

Whenever a brand launches a plus collection, the first thing I do is go and look at the size chart. Since I shop online so much, I rely heavily on size charts. I also keep tape measures everywhere (office, house, car) so I can get my measurements periodically. My midsection is heavier than my upper body and legs I solely purchase based on that part of my body. When I looked online I could tell in pictures that this dress was fitted in the middle and loose up top so I ordered my size accordingly. There is nothing worse that ordering a size and having it fit everywhere, expect for where you need it to fit. So shopping for my hips and tummy are important for me.

It was a huge sigh of relief when it fit exactly the way I wanted it! Maybe that was a squeal or scream hmmm. I know it was happiness! This dress will live in my closet forever y'all. I do mean forever. Again I'm sorry if you didn't get it! We are going to keep our eye out for restocking and returns. I have seen several of my fellow influencers wear this dress and it hasn't looked bad on anyone, not anyone.

What part of your body do you shop for? Mine has changed it used to be my chest area, but now it's shifted to my midsection. Tell me all about it!

Thank you for reading! You are appreciated.




  1. I shop for my mid section as well! The older I get..... well, you know. I love love love this dress on you! Effortlessly chic as usual!

  2. "What part of your body do you shop for? ... Tell me all about it!"

    From lifestyle and inclination, I pay as little attention to my clothes as possible. If I have my body parts covered & the appropriate level of formality, I'm good to go. I hate shopping. If I have to dress for a fancy event, I press friends into service. That's why it is so interesting to read about someone whose approach is totally different. Keep blogging on!

  3. Thighs, thighs, thighs! It's hard to shop for pants because most are cut slim in the thigh (and there is NOTHING slim about mine.) So I buy a size larger to fit my thighs which creates an ill-fitting hip and waist. Ugh!


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