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July 10, 2018

Plus-Size and Polka Dots...

Sunglasses  | Dress | Shoes | Bag-Vintage (Love This One)

True story when I was in Lane Bryant shopping for this dress, a man tried to convince his wife to try on one of the polka dot dresses that I ended up leaving the store with and she absolutely refused. I could hear her whisper I would never wear that much print. I sighed and imagined having a Stacey London moment with her in the dressing room, but I could tell she was terrified to try the polka dots. Of course the antiquated rules of fashion have ingrained in so many women that the less print the better, I absolutely refuse to follow this rule. I will wear whatever print I want, whenever I want. Honestly even if I wore all black from head to toe I would still look like I was size 22, cause I am.

Now that my rant is over, this year is truly the year of the polka dot. I am soooo very happy to see one of my favorite prints in full effect all over the place. I'm also really happy to see the plus-size market on trend, on time for once. It's nice to be fashionable at the same time is everyone else! I went in Lane Bryant a few weeks ago and fell in love with two dresses and almost picked between the two, but my Instagram followers made me see reason and I bought both dresses. Because honestly I would have regretted not buying them. This one was so fun and I loved the two sizes of polka dot and the fact that  it can be worn dressy or casually.

I went with a size 22/24, for a little bit of room, but the 18/20 fit fine as well. Since polka dots are so classic I know won't regret going a bit over board adding items to my collection. Have you bought any polka dot pieces this summer? How do you feel about them? Below I've added a few other polka dot items that I've picked up this summer so far.

Thank you for reading, you are appreciated!



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