October 22, 2014

Sporty Skirt

Turtleneck-Old(Similar), Skirt-Eloquii, Booties-Old(Similar and Similar), Sunnies-Target

I love the sporty look that has blown up all over the place, but let me be honest I am not very sporty. I have always been the type to rather be immersed in pink and ruffles than in track pants. My mother often talks about how she had the hardest time convincing me that pants were practical for elementary school, sorry Mom. When I saw this look at Eloquii I thought it would be the perfect piece to attempt my hand at being sporty.  A perfect mix of femininity and sport I loved the geometric design and the split in the front. I quickly snatched this up on sale!

What do y’all think about the sporty trend?


October 20, 2014

Fab Werkware Series: Wearing Leather to Work...

Shirt-Old(Coldwater Creek), Skirt-Bloomindales (here and here), Shoes & Sunglasses-Old(BCBG), Cape-Old(AshleyStewart), Clutch-old(Tory Burch)

When my blogger boo Ashley from FabEllis approached me about participating in her Fab Werkwear series I was especially excited to find out the topic was wearing leather to work! Y’all know I love leather and if styled correctly it is definitely work appropriate.

Although I don’t work in an extremely formal work environment I still pay close attention to what I deem appropriate or not for my office setting. There are a few rules I follow to making sure my leather pieces are work/office appropriate. Here they are below:

1. Although I love leather pants, I typically don’t wear them to work. They are harder to style and keep work appropriate. Sidenote:  If I didn’t work in a slightly traditional office I would wear my leather pants to work. You should too if you have more creative licenses!

2. I stick to a few shapes for leather skirts in the work place: pleated, pencil, and circle are all great options.

3. Don’t wear any leather too tight or too short. You will spend your day pulling your skirt down. Or at least I always do.

 4. Monochromatic looks work better in the office setting. I like to tone it down when I wear a rich material such as leather. If you work in a creative environment go for other colors!

 5. Try a leather dress! They look amazing and work so well with layering. I mean check out Ashley’s amazing look over at FabEllis.

 6. Don’t discount how well a leather jacket or blazer can work in the office! To some it seems like simple outerwear but it can be a serious outfit booster especially if worn in a different color!

 7.  Be confident in your outfit!!!

I hope these tips help y’all! I appreciate Ashley at FabEllis for inviting me to participate in this post! I love collaborating with other bloggers!  Head over to her blog to see her take on wearing leather to work and her Fab Werkwear series. So what do you think? Do you wear leather to work? Do you think its work appropriate?

Also, I am starting a new series called “9 to 5 Just to Stay Alive” to discuss work wear. Let me know if there is something you want me to cover!


October 17, 2014

Casual Corner

Sweatshirt-old/Jessica Simpson(Similar), Jeans-Lane Bryant, Shoes-Victoria Secret

I cannot tell a lie… if I find a cute shirt with my blog name on it I will buy it! So far I am up to 3, but who’s counting! I loved this Jessica Simpsons sweatshirt as soon as I laid eyes on it. The second Nordstroms lowered it down to half off I jumped all over it!

I was never really into sweatshirts or casual clothes to be exact, but since I hit my thirties I have really redefined my causal style. Women who have effortless casual style have always had my utmost admiration.   Previously I never thought twice about what I was going to wear casually. Putting on jeans/leggings and or t-shirt was my only causal effort. Now I make it a important part of my shopping to buy tons of cute yet casual pieces to wear on the weekend. Often I love the mix of casual wear with evening wear making a balanced look that goes easily from day to night.

Do y’all ever  casual and dressy wear? 

October 15, 2014

The New Neutral...

Dress-Eloquii, Shoes-DSW, Clutch-Vintage, Sunnies-BCBG(old)

 It’s no secret that I love leopard print everything!  It makes me incredibly happy and I find it to be a neutral accent to almost everything in my closet. I have several animal print dresses, but I was quick to jump on this amazing one from Eloquii when they had a random flash sale!

I know that many people are scared to try entire leopard looks and only wear leopard print accents, but I am here to tell you throw those fears out of the door! I liken some wardrobe rules given to plus size women to mass hysteria and this is one of them.  Leopard print won’t make you look huge and it won’t actually make you look like a leopard (come on guys I have heard every excuse in the book)!  I wore a leopard print skirt to work a few weeks ago , a woman looked at me and said your brave women of a certain size shouldn’t wear prints on their bottoms. I rolled my eyes and said thank God I am not a woman of a certain size (LOLOLOLOL).

Leopard might make you feel sexy and empowered! Maybe it isn’t leopard you’re afraid of maybe it’s just printed looks in general, I challenge you to step out of your box and try an entire print look. You might be surprised at how much you love it!

Are you afraid of full on printed looks?


October 10, 2014

30Plusstyle: Animal Instict

Cape & t-shirt-old(Gap), Pants-HM+, Bag-Old (Similar), Shoes-Zara(Similar)

30Plusstyle is back with another addition and today we are discussing Animal Instinct. There are two things that I swear by in my wardrobe, leopard print and leather. Words cannot express how I feel about them. Leather is quite possibly the most chic material created by man and personally I consider leopard a neutral. With these two you can go casual or you can go dressy, you can go all out or you can go simple. There are absolutely no boundaries!

Creating a chic simple look was my main focus! I wanted to show how you can use subtle elements of leopard and leather in the same look and not feel too over the top or crazy looking. I paired my leather leggings from HM+ with a stripe t-shirt, and a cape trench coat and my leopard doctor bag. When I put it all on I felt like a French woman running around Paris, or you get my drift... On a side note I am extremely excited about the tons of leather and faux leather options popping up all over the place! Bring on the colder weather so I can indulge in these fabulous pieces!!!

Don’t forget to check out the other amazing 30Plusstyle bloggers and go to the 30Plusstyle Facebook page for more inspiration:

We are looking for guest bloggers to join us on a future 30plusstyle post, for consideration contact us at 30plusstylecollab@gmail.com and be sure to include your blog's URL.

Soooo what do you guys think about leopard and leather?!?!? 

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