September 15, 2014

30plusstyle: Sangria on the Rocks

Dress-BooHoo, Skirt-Old Jessica London(Similar), Shoes-Old Zara(Similar), Sunnies-Target

We are back today with another edition of the #30PlusStyle! Today’s challenge was one of Pantone’s leading colors for Fall 2014 Sangria! It’s such a bold color that I knew I wanted something flirty, sexy and feminine for this challenge. I was amazed at how much I found in the Sangria color family available in plus-size clothing from leather skirts, dresses, pants, and outerwear.

I fell in love with the dress on Boohoo’s site and was ecstatic when I saw it came in a shade of Sangria. I immediately fell in love with the bold color and ruffled top. But alas when I received the dress it did not fall in love with me, le sigh. It was way too tight around my belly and I wasn’t comfortable wearing it. I had no idea what I was going to do. I contemplated sending it back but I loved the way the top fit so much I that I came up idea to tuck into a skirt and make it a top.  Voil√†, a look was born.  One of the things I realized that growing up plus size made me and a lot of you resourceful with our wardrobe. I spent years working with my seamstress, changing details and retooling items to create the looks I wanted. I don’t want to lose this spirit just because I have more shopping resources available to me.  Have you ever not wanted to give up on an item and end up using it for something else?

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September 09, 2014

Cape Crusader

Cape Blazer-Boohoo, Dress-Asos(Similar), Necklace-UAL, Sunnies-BCBG(old), Shoes- JustFabOnline

When I saw this cape blazer on Boohoo’s website I knew I had to have it! I could not pass go or collect $200 until I made this amazing piece of clothing mine. Especially when I saw it in electric pink!!! It did not disappoint when I received it! I love the color and the fit of this jacket. I felt insanely glamorous and chic when I slipped it over my arms and twirled around the house (I was taken back to the days of wearing Lodon Fog capes as a little girl).

I created at least four ways to style this cape and I know that I will test the limits of its versatility throughout the coming months!  This time around I paired it with a black bodycon dress from Asos and Kara Ross statement necklace that I scored in New Orleans.

On another note the cape blazer has just been on the since this spring and I have to say it’s refreshing to wear an item when it is style and not when it’s a few seasons old as the plus-size clothing market often does! Have you ever bought something that made you insanely happy? Do tell!


September 03, 2014

Football and Fashion...

Look 1: T-shirt-Yellowhammer Creative, Shorts-DIY, Jacket-Talbots, FlipFlops-Havaianas, Look 2: T-Shirt-Yellowhammer Creative, Skirt-Elloqui, Shoes-Zara(old), Sunnies-Prada

There are very few things that make me as happy as football season! Here in Alabama football is more of a religious experience instead of a game. Rivalries are strong, feelings run deep and bragging rights are at stake year after year.  Representing your team during the season is extremely important tradition. Almost every store has jewelry, t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, shoes and countless other items to help you represent your team!  I know so many people (including myself) who search the Internet for new and unique items to express their love for their team.  

As an alumnus of the University of Alabama it’s extremely important for me to combine my two loves of fashion and football to express my school pride! Numerous looks appropriate for a variety of occasions are needed to get through an entire season of games and parties.  For this post I wanted to share two different looks that do exactly that, while keeping in line with my style.  

For both looks I paired my favorite Alabama t-shirts from Yellowhammer Creative with very different pieces for different occasions. The first look is my go-to jean shorts with a crimson army jacket and Havaianas. Great for running errands, game watching or going to the game. It’s both comfortable and functional.  Appropriate for work as well as parties, the next look is a dressier. I paired my t-shirt with the red midi-skirt from Eloquii and comfy sandals from Zara.

With football season in full swing, I can’t wait to see what everyone wears! Sooo is anyone else a sports fanatic?


August 20, 2014

30plusstyle: Trending, Dress Over Pants

Dress City Chic-here and here, Pants-Talbots, Shoes-Khol's,

It’s time for another edition of #30plusstyle and this time we are discussing “Trending, Dresses over Pants”. This time around was a complete and total challenge for me. Though I am not one to shy away from trends, I fully believe that some things are better left for either celebrities or editorial pieces. Pairing a dress with pants is definitely one of those trends that I would never try on my own.  Actually that’s not entirely true, in middle school I used to wear baby doll dresses over bell bottoms all the time. I cringe when I look back at pictures to this day and ask my Mom why she didn’t put a stop to my madness.
I went around and around on this look and took several pictures but nothing quite felt like me. I didn’t know why I couldn’t get it together with this challenge, and then I came to the conclusion that it didn’t fit into my personal aesthetic. Year after year we are bombarded by so many new trends to try, that it’s hard to be okay with one not fitting into your personal style.  I often feel less fashionable or like a fuddy-duddy when I don’t understand or want to try a trend.  Despite my personal feelings about this I knew the show must go own and I had to find a way to create a look that was indicative of my personal style and that made me happy. 

After many tries I paired my versatile City Chic dress with a pair of skinny pants and my all-time favorite neon pumps! Finally I was happy with this look and thought I could rock this out one night or too dinner with friends!So what do you guys think of skirts or dresses over pants? I know Beyoncé was recently seen in them but does that change your feelings?

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August 19, 2014

Holy Fringe...

T-Shirt-Old Navy-Straight Size and Plus, Skirt-Forever 21, Shoes-Old(Similar), Sunnies-Target

In the process of cleaning out my closet I found this skirt that I got from Forever 21years ago!!! I seriously don’t think I’ve worn it except for on my 31 or 32 birthday. Honestly I thought I had given it away years ago, but was pleasantly surprised that it was still in the abyss of my closet.  I threw it on with my new graphic t-shirt from Old Navy to grab drinks and dinner with my friends.  It was a perfectly good reminder to re-wear, re-purpose, and re-style a motto that I am going to take into the fall.

Speaking of cleaning out my closet I am getting everything together to launch a closet sale! Hopefully it will be up and running by this weekend! I hope you all visit and shop away!!!
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