July 29, 2014

Simple Luxury...

J.Crew Tshirt, Skirt-Forever 21 (Similar), Shoes-Camuto, Sunnies-BCBG, Clutch-My Mommies


  It’s been a long few days for me! It seems like July flew by in a flurry of activity. Often when I am busy rushing around getting everything done I like for my wardrobe to be as simple as possible, but I have to remember that simple doesn’t have to mean dowdy. Lately I’ve noticed that my simplicity has gotten a little more luxurious.  When shopping for easy pieces, I have started looking for a few details that I may not have paid much attention too in the past.

One example of that is my choice in graphic t-shirts. When I was in New Orleans earlier this summer I picked up several new graphic t-shirts from J.Crew that I felt were a bit dressier than the normal graphic tee. Maybe it was the linen material, or maybe it was the script in metallic, I can’t quite put my finger on what makes them different. I do know that I couldn’t beat a $12.50 J.Crew t-shirt. Either way I loved it when I wore this one with this scuba skirt from Forever 21Plus and highlighted with gold accessories.  It was a simple yet appropriate look that took me from fashion event to dinner with friends.  

Has anyone else noticed their wardrobe getting a little more luxurious? Are you paying any attention to more details than before? What are they?


P.S. I apologize that you can’t see the writing on the t-shirt so well! The sun was crazy that day.

July 24, 2014

Wear What You Love...

Dear Creatures Dress (here and here), Shoes-Old, Sweater-Talbots, Sunnies-Prada, Handbag-Louis Vuitton NeverfullGM

Let me preface this post by saying I, really, really, really love this dress. I looked for it at my local Anthropologie for weeks and hoped they could find my size since it was marked down to $29.99. I was all too excited when I found the dress hanging in the back of the sales department after I have given up all hope of having it in my possession. When I wore this dress to work I received a million compliments , but when I got ready to take blog pictures I questioned the way I looked in the dress. Was it too loose? Do I look huge? Does it make me look like a printed blimp? Yep, I went there with this dress, I let my fear of looking bigger than I am over shadow my love for a piece of clothing. It was a super scary digression to a very dark place that I used to personally reside in, and I had to take a breather to get back to a safe and happy place.  A friend encouraged me by saying it gave them a retro Miss Havisham vibe and that was all it took to get me back on the horse.

Often plus-size women are overwhelmed with headlines on how not to look fat, what’s most flattering for our figures, what colors look best, and frankly I find it oppressive and offensive. Though I am by no means into looking foolish for the sake of saying I wear what I want, I also don’t buy into the hype of following all the rules. Even if I drape myself in all black I am still going to look like a size 22, you know why cause my hips don’t lie! I say all of this to say that you should wear what makes you happy, if you love a dress but you think it’s too drapey, not your color or the print will overwhelm your body throw all of that out of the window if it makes you smile and giggle! We can’t take ourselves or our looks too seriously.

What’s the worst that could happen? You take a horrible blog picture? LOLOLOL! Y’all know I love your feedback is there something that sends you to a dark fashion place? Are you afraid to try certain styles because of your style? Let’s talk about it!


July 14, 2014

#30PlusStyle: Cutting It Short

Shirt-JcPenny, Shorts-It's Fashion Metro, Shoes-GoJane, Clutch-My Moms, Sunnies-Stella McCartney

It’s time for the latest edition of #30PlusStyle and for this edition we are wearing shorts! If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I love shorts! They are a summer staple for me as I constantly try to stay cool in this southern heat, but I can understand why so many people approach the subject of shorts with extreme caution. Especially as we get into our Thirties I think we are bombarded with notion that you have to wear more modest clothing. I am here to tell you that’s simply not true! My motto has always been to wear what works for you! Ignore trends, rules and find the best short fit that makes you feel amazing!

I loved this striped pair that I picked up from Its Metro Fashion and I paired it with my favorite peplum blouse (I’m not letting go of my peplum tops). I feel like the peplum provided me with more coverage that I wanted with these shorts. So ladies how do you feel about shorts? Do you love them? Do you wear them? I would love for you to know!

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