July 02, 2015

Palm Print Skirt....

Shirt-Loft(Similar), Skirt-Tutu Experience, Shoes-Old(similar), Earrings-HM

When I first saw this skirt from Mo over at Miss Lion Hunter I knew I had to have it. Since the beginning of summer I have been obsessed with finding a palm print midi skirt and this one was a fashion fantasy come true.  Mo was amazing to work with and she has tons of great skirts to offer at her Etsy Shop, The TuTu Experience. I can't say enough about how talented Mo is and how well made her skirts are!

I mixed and matched this skirt with this off the shoulder shirt from Loft and these bold, tassel earrings that I found at H&M! And I threw on my favorite lace up heels. I think this made the perfect look for a night out.

What print are you loving this season?
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June 30, 2015

Easy Saturday in Turban and Maxi Dress

Scarf-HM, Dress-Forever21(soldout), Necklace-Forever21, Sunnies-Celine, Sandals-Old Navy

Saturday’s in the summertime can go from 0 to 100 real quick. My days and nights end up running together with me never knowing what’s going to happen. I am a sucker for a good brunch, browsing a book store, wandering through downtown and having cocktails. Lots of cocktails might I add. Whenever I suspect I am going to get caught up on a Saturday. My goal is to be cute, comfortable and ready for all of the possibilities.

A few years ago my Girlfriend Nicki gave me this scarf from HM, I love the bright colors and the butterflies. I have worn it from everything from a sarong to a purse decoration. I turned it into a turban and paired it with this chiffon dress from Forever 21, which is currently sold out online (Sorry). I loved the boho vibe of this look and how comfortable it was to navigate from daytime to nighttime with the quick change of a shoe.

Fashion Facts: I haven’t worn my hair in a turban in years. I was feeling whimsical and decided to try something new. A few people discussed their apprehension to do so for fear of looking crazy. Here are my tips for rocking a turban. Always use a bold scarf, the bolder the better! Don’t shy away from exotic prints for darker colors. Find a bright colored lipstick to compliment the colors you are wearing. Pile on the jewelry. Don’t forget own the look! Check out this great video from Chastity Garner on how to tie your turban. I used it when I was tying mine.

Anyone else find their daytime getting away from them on the weekends so you get dressed for your entire day? Share your tips with me.

Thank you for reading,

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June 12, 2015

My "Aha Moment"

A few weeks ago Mutual of Omaha emailed me and asked me if I wanted to participate in their "Aha Moment" Campaign. I had no idea what it was, but after doing some research I knew that I had to participate. The amazing team from Mutual of Omaha goes around inviting people around the country to share their "Aha Moment" or  a pivotal moment in your life when everything shifted or changed. I had a few of those, but the most important one was around the time I turned 30. I wanted to share this with my readers because it may help someone going through something or feeling a certain type of way!

If you have had an "Aha Moment" and want to share it leave me a comment or send me an email!

Thank you for reading!


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June 11, 2015

A New Kind of Watch...

Dress- Old Navy, Shoes-Old Navy, Bag-Old(Similar), Necklace-Old, Sunnies-Celine, Watch-Jord Watches, Bracelets-It's Metro Fashion

I am by no means a watch girl. I love the way they look, but I always feel so weighed down by wearing a watch. I hate the way the metal clings to my arm and clinks on my desk, and the last time I invested in one, I busted the watch face setting up for an event once. Seriously I am the worst when it comes to taking care of certain things. So when Jord watches approached me about doing a review of their watches I wasn’t sure if I was the right person. After looking at their website I started to change my mind and decided to give styling one a sot.

It was completely surprising that Jord watches are crafted mostly of wood. Having never seen a wood watch, I marveled at the construction and unique look of their watches. When I received the watch I was even more impressed. The construction was amazing, after you select your watch they ask you to measure your wrist so it fits perfectly and you don’t have to worry about having links removed.

The wood was so cool and comfortable on my skin, I hardly felt like I was wearing anything at all.

During the warmer months, I love piling on wood and stone bracelets, so one of these watches would work perfectly with my summer aesthetic. I may or may not be converting to being a watch person, a wood watch person that is. It worked perfectly with my dressier looks as well as my casual looks. Oh and my Boyfriend who never pays attention to these things kept asking about it.

Thank you to Jord Watches to partnering with me on this post. So how do y’all feel about watches? Let me know!

Mens Wooden Watches


*This post was sponsored by Jord watches, but all opinions are my own.
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May 14, 2015

Inspired By... The Culotte Edition...

Shirt-Asos Curve, Culottes-Simply Be, Bag-Saturday(old)(Similar), Shoes-ShoeDazzle(old)(love these), Sunnies-Celine, Necklace-Bauble Bar

I fell head over hills with this look that Margaret Zhang rocked, way before culottes where a thing. Of course I had to bid my time waiting for the perfect pieces to come available on the plus-size market. Now that culottes are a thing, I searched long and hard for the perfect pair of cream culottes. They are such a light and breezy blend of perfection. I paired it with this green shirt from Asos to give me the look of my dreams. There is no better feeling than when a look comes together.

I know that this look is baggy, unfitted and slightly shapeless. I am also aware that culottes might be intimidating for some and that they are a trend that most people will avoid, but I love taking fashion risk. Fat girls can take fashion risk! We don’t have to play it safe and go with looks that people deem flattering! We can wear whatever we like, and we shouldn’t be afraid of what other people are saying. If I never hear the term “does this make me look fat again” it won’t be too soon.

That being said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with interpreting trends to work for your style aesthetic. The key is finding a style interpretation that makes you both confident and comfortable. Adding these snakeskin sandals and gold bib necklace made this look totally me.

Do you y’all ever try style interpretations? How do you make the looks more you?


P.S. Ohhh and to everyone who has been voting for me in Redbook Magazine’s “Real Women, Real Style Awards” I appreciate it! You can continue to vote for me here daily until May 22. You can vote from every electronic device that you have that has internet access! If I win I will be on the COVER of the September issue.
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May 12, 2015

Mellow Yellow...

Yellow Midi-Simply Be, Shoes-ShoeDazzle(old), Sunnies-Stella McCartney

There is nothing better than a brightly colored dress on a warm spring day! I felt 100% girl when I wore this dress to grab an early dinner. Honestly, I thought this dress a wee bit drab when I got it. Yes I know its bright yellow y’all, but that was the most exciting thing about it. Until I put it on. The feminine cut made such a huge difference to me.

To add a little more oomph to the dress I wore these multi-color extreme platforms that I forgot about. When the fashion heads declared platforms over, I gave most of mine away, without a thought. Thank goodness these survived. Just a touch of whimsy was all that was needed to make this look perfect!

What do you add to a look to make it perfect when you aren’t sure how you feel about it?

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May 07, 2015

Jumpsuit Jeniese...

Jumpsuit-Eloquii, Studded Belt-Torrid Old(Similar), Shoes-Aldo, Sunglasses-Celine (Lower Price Version)

Yes, I am guilty of being a repeat offender with my wardrobe. When I shop I gravitate towards the same materials, silhouettes and colors. So it was no surprise that when this jumpsuit hit Eloquii, I knew I had to have it. Every aspect of this jumpsuit screamed my name, from the bright colors to the ruffles! My UPS man almost had to pry me off of him when he dropped it off at my house (Sorry Mr. UPS Man).

The fit of this jumpsuit is incomparable! I love how comfortable it is and how I can restyle it to wear in the day or the evening hours. I know that several of you are slightly afraid of jumpsuits, but I encourage you not to be. Jumpsuits are easy to wear and style. Especially since all you have to worry about is the accessories to wear with your jumpsuit. They make getting dressed so easy for me.

When I shop for a jumpsuit I always shop for my bottom half. Having the top half tailored to fit my body is way easier than having the bottom half tailored to fit. Although I didn’t have to do this with this jumpsuit. It seriously fit like it was made for me. I will have the pants hemmed to fit me perfectly so I can wear flats with it.

So here is my challenge, go out and try on a jumpsuit! I bet you will love it!

Oh voting is still open on the Redbook site for the Real Women, Real Style Awards!!! Head over and vote for me daily until May 22! I have a chance of being on the cover! You can vote from your phone, computer, iPad, or anything else with the internet! Go here to vote!!!
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